Arcadian Premium-Quality Microfibre Dog Bathrobe. Lightweight, Quick-Drying, Super-Absorbent and Luxury Bathrobe. Easy To Use, Comfortable and Adjustable Straps. Fantastic When Used with an Arcadian Microfibre Dog Towel -, Pink

Only £17.99

Very lightweight, super absorbent and dries quickly – meaning the bathrobe can hold significantly more water than larger and thicker cotton bathrobes and air-dries super quickly. Fantastic when used with an Arcadian microfibre dog towel.
Keeps your friend warm and cosy, after bath time or a walk in the rain.
Easy to use and fits securely – Wrap the bathrobe simply around your dog and fasten the adjustable clip under the tummy of your dog. The neck also has an adjustable fastening.
Comfortable and not restrictive – It is not restrictive under the material on the tummy or discomfort caused by tail straps.
Premium-quality microfibre – Therefore, it is extremely durable and boasts improved performance and longer service life. This luxury bathrobe is super soft on your beloved pet. Thanks to the high quality of this special microfibre, this bathrobe can be washed in the washing machine and dried in the tumble dryer on a low setting, meaning you can concentrate on keeping your pet clean and there is no need to worry about a towel!


Dog Bathrobe