Unisex Clear Face_Shield Durable Plastic Reusable PVC Transparent Protection to Protect Eyes, Nose, Mouth for Men Women(4PCS)

Only £29.99

【High-quality Materials】:Made of environmentally friendly polycarbonate lens. It has high toughness, can withstand pressure and drop, is not easy to deform and tear, and has a long service life.
【Unique Design】: The transparent section makes the wearer’s face visible, making lip-reading and making out the speaker’s facial expressions possible. Show your smile to the world. The most beautiful things in the world should not be hidden.
【Protection】: Make sure that you are safe from droplets, liquids, dust, and saliva with the plastic mouth_shield. It can effectively block saliva and dust and prevent saliva from splashing on other people or objects.
【Easy to Clean】:Simply rinse with water and reuse,no waste, and ensuring a healthy environment and economical use.
【Application】: Is suitable for snowboard, mountaineering, motorcycle, cycling and other outdoor sports and many other occasions to prevent saliva splashing.


Transparent Plastic Shield Face Cover with adjustable elastic band