SJKZ Resuscitation Manikins CPR Training Manikin,Full Body Child Instructor Basic Starter Kit Model For Educational Teaching Research 114

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Facial skin, neck skin, chest skin, hair, using imported thermoplastic elastomer mixed rubber material,with anatomical signs accurate, feel real, uniform skin color, shape realistic , Beautiful appearance.
Anatomically realistic first aid CPR training manikin School classroom repeated practice study presentation tools; Great for laboratory demonstration display.Mouth to mouth resuscitation,must pad sterile gauze towel or disposable blowing film,a piece of,to prevent the cross infection.
When operating the hand should be clean,female pls erase lipstick and lip balm,to prevent soiling dough and chest skin,also do not allow ballpoint pens or other color pen scratched.
School classroom nursery practice repeated study presentation tools for laboratory demonstration display,It is ideal for teaching and studying by doctors or other medical professionals.
Suitable:Training and teaching in hospitals, medical schools, research centers,etc.Great for laboratory demonstration display.


10 PCS Mouth Shield