PM2.5 Replaceable Filters for Adult (100 PCS)

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1.Only 100pcs filter for Adult, PM2.5 standard with 5 layers,This product does not include face shield.⭕Before buying, please confirm that it is a product of the official dealer WELT store. The products buy in other shops have any quality and service problems. WELT shop will not solve it, thanks!❌
2.Size:12 * 8 cm/4.72 * 3.15 in suit for all mouth face shield insided with fliter slot.
3.The 1st layer of spunbond cloth filters micron-level dust. 2nd layer filters industrial pollutants and automobile exhaust.
4.The filters prevent airborne particles, dust, seasonal allergies, smog, pollution, ash, garden pollen, etc.
5.Suggest replace the fliters every day to achieved best effect. if you have any other question,pls free to contact us.Haobuy是在美国和欧洲注册品牌并且已在亚马逊平台备案,目前我司有专门处理跟卖的客服,24小时在线向亚马逊举报违规,一:我随时可以修改标题产品数量,可以让你 10,000 PCS爆单,二:给你店铺test buy,三:每天截你店铺白天晚上lisitng数量差评,投诉恶意跟卖。望自重!


10 PCS Mouth Shield