Pedigree Jumbone Dog Treats 8 x ( 4 pc / 180 g )

Only £17.50

Chewy and tasty outer and a delicious mouth-watering, meat-flavoured center, that’s Pedigree Jumbone, an optimum choice for training and rewarding time
Packed with dog-friendly ingredients and a ideal taste, an adequate reward for on the go and at home
Deliciously satisfying beef chew, a longer lasting treat for your canine friend, something he can really get his teeth into
Each treat comes with no artificial colours or flavours providing your dog with only tasty nutrients, vitamins, minerals and Omega 3 ensure a healthy lifestyle
Items delivered: 32 Pedigree Jumbone small dog treat with chicken and rice (8 packets of 4), optimum choice for adult dogs of small breeds


Pedigree Tasty Minis – Dog Treats Chewy Cubes with Chicken 125 g (Pack of 8)