Pedigree Christmas Gift Jumbone Dog Treats, Chews for Large Dogs from 25 kg+, Xmas Gift with Turkey Flavour, 12 Chews, 2.16 kg

Only £22.56

Deliciously satisfying and long-lasting dog chews with a tough and tasty outer and a mouth-watering centre
Low-fat dog treats for guilt free rewards. Pedigree Jumbone dog chews have less than 5 percent fat / 100 g
Turkey dog treats with omega 3 to help keep them fit for life, vitamins to help maintain your dog’s natural defences and minerals including calcium to help give them strong bones
Delicious dog chew sticks that contain no artificial colours or flavours – just low-fat goodness that your canine will love
Complementary treats for large breed dogs developed by nutritionists and vets at Waltham Centre for Pet Nutrition


Large Dog Treats from 25 kg+