Natural Choice Treats Chicken Feet for Dogs | Natural Healthy Dog Treat Chew | Just One Ingredient | Grain & Gluten Free (40 feet)

Only £7.49

100% Chicken Feet – Our chicken feet are 100% Chicken, that’s it.. All Natural Choice treats are gluten free and contain no artificial colouring or flavouring.
100% NATURAL – All Natural Choice Treats are 100% Natural and are handmade with no obscure chemicals, additives or preservatives common to so much of the prepared dog treats on the market today.
GRAIN & GLUTEN FREE – Our Chicken Feet are grain & gluten free meaning they are suitable for dogs with food intolerances particularly towards grains, wheats, barley, biscuit and cereal ingredients. There are also other benefits of changing to a Grain & Gluten free diet such as more energy, more filling, healthier skin & coat, less shedding, less frequent eating.
SINGLE PROTEIN – All Natural Choice treats are single protein but why is that so important? Dog food manufacturers mix meat sources to keep costs down but the result is often poor quality meat with animal by-product. Single protein is a big plus for dogs with sensitive stomachs as it is easier to digest and also to those dogs who suffer from specific meat allergies.