N/F Mokinga Kitten Collar, the Cat Collar Made of Cotton and Linen Cloth can be Adjusted 25-30cm, Suitable for Most Pet Bell Collars for Cats and Dogs (Color: Blue)

Only £6.98

The collar is made of sturdy and durable cotton and linen cloth with bells. The bells are not very loud and annoying. They can help you find cats and warn birds and other small animals.
Flexible and safe connection, easy to install, disassemble and adjust, exquisite workmanship. Our cat collar will not fall off automatically.
Our pet collar is suitable for pets weighing 3-5kg, with a neck circumference of 25-30cm.
Hand-made, elastic adjustment, hollow bells, clear patterns.
The collar is made of cotton and linen fabric, which is comfortable and wear-resistant, with versatile styles.


25 × 27 cm