Junior Gum Shield Mouth Guard – Custom Mouldable Gel Fit Mouthguard Gumshield For Rugby, Hockey, Boxing, American Football, MMA, Boys Girls Kids, Childrens, Teenagers, Child Teeth Grinding Protection

Only £14.99

★ NON-CANCER CAUSING – Unlike other gumshields, these mouth guards do not expose your children to canerous substances. Always better to be safe with BIND Gum Shields.
★ UNBEATABLE PERSONALISED PROTECTION – Using our Custom Fit Bind Gel technology your mouthguards can be moulded at home with boiling water. Simple Kit Step by Step instructions included in the package. Reduce shock. Prevent trips to the doctor or dental dentist.
★ PERFECT FIT GUARANTEE – If your chosen mould size doesn’t fit, simply return back to us within 14 days for exchange or refund. We make sure to guarantee a comfortable protective fit. We have perfected TWO SIZES for the ideal age of under 20s, both adult and childs tight fit. From Youth to Teenager. Great mouth guard for grinding teeth prevention during games.
★ NOW INCLUDES – The exclusive Black Translucent BIND Hygienic Carry Case Gear for before and after fights or games. Ideal for combat sports as well, including Rugby, Hockey, Boxing, Ice Hockey gifts, Lacrosse, Karate, Wrestling, Muay Thai, Taekwondo, Martial Arts, Judo, Fighting Boxers, Basketball and all contact sports. Fits 6 years olds through to 20 year old.
★ OFFICIALLY CE CERTIFIED – For product safety. Be careful of unverified Chinese copies.


10 PCS Mouth Shield