AKLAT 28 Daily Dental Care Chews (Small Dogs 5-10 kg)+Tote Bag

Only £17.99

🐶 The Kit: Pedigree Dentastix – Daily Dental Care Chews ( small dogs), +Pedigree Tasty Bites Dog Treats Chewy Slices with Beef + Eco-friendly sun-shaped dog toy chew in pink, blue or green. Please note: Dogs love to play. Owners must always supervise the dog during playtime and remember to check and remove toys if damaged or any parts become detached.
🐶 DentaStix dog chews are scientifically proven to reduce tartar build up by up to 80% when fed daily.
🐶 Dental Dog treats that are low in fat, with no added sugar and free from artificial colours and flavours, ideal for daily use.
🐶 Super tasty pet chews available in different sizes to provide oral care for small, medium and large canine dogs.
🐶 Are designed to be chewed for long enough to be effective, with a gently abrasive texture and active ingredients that help to reduce the build-up of plaque and tartar.


Large Dog Treats from 25 kg+