XINKO Sneeze Guard for Counter, Roll up Sneeze Guard Floor Standing Wide Roll Up Sneeze Screen, Protective Screen (Roll up Sneeze Guard)

Only £120.84

▶Use our floor-standing transparent tarp sneeze protector to protect your employees and customers from harmful respiratory drops and maintain social distance.
▶The protective screen is easy to use, pops up when needed, and also comes with a portable suitcase. It is movable and foldable, so you can transport and eject it when and where you need it.
▶Because it is a transparent PVC material, it is very transparent and will not affect visibility or interactivity.
▶Sturdy aluminum frame, longer service life; foot leveler to ensure the stability of the display.
▶Retractable base storage, this transparent film sneeze protector is an essential safety barrier.


Transparent Plastic Shield Face Cover with adjustable elastic band