XINKO Protective Screen Roll up Sneeze Guard for Counter, Roll up Sneeze Guard Floor Standing Wide Roll Up Sneeze Screen

Only £102.66

▶This clear film sneeze guard is an essential safety barrier when communicating, protected employees and customers from harmful respiratory coughing, sneezing, or spraying droplets and maintain social distancing with our Stand Free Clear Tarp Sneeze Guard.
▶Because it is a transparent PVC material, it is very transparent and will not affect visibility or interactivity.
▶The PVC transparent counter protective film is embedded in the interior of the metal base. Very easy to use, it only needs to unfold the support shelf, pull it out and fix it on the shelf. It is stand free, meaning you don’t need to delve into the floor.
▶The protective screen is easy to use, pops up when needed, and also comes with a portable suitcase. It is movable and foldable, so you can transport and eject it when and where you need it.
▶Any issues or needs please feel free to contact us, we will help to solve the problem within 24 hours.


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