XINKO Professional Floor Standing Sneeze Guard Shield for Counter | Clear Barrier for Receptionist Desk | Adjustable for Easy Pass Through Transaction | 80 x 34 in

Only £139.43

▶SNEEZE PROTECTION AND GREAT VISIBILITY ► Clear, floor standing dividers provide sneeze protection and excellent visibility for smooth transactions with customers.
▶CREATE PHYSICAL SEPARATION WITH CLEAR FLOOR STANDING DIVIDERS ► Ideal for creating physical separation and maintaining social distancing protocols at reception desks and counters.
▶DESIGNED FOR EASE OF USE ► Highly portable, easy to tote partition is the most convenient way to divide queues of people or separate workspaces for social distancing; disassembles and fits in small tote bag (included) for carrying when not in use.
▶FREE-STANDING, PORTABLE AND ADJUSTABLE ► Adjustable divider provides the flexibility to distance and protect employees – simply adjust the frame height and width, then cut and attach the film to fit your needs.
▶DURABLE, LIGHTWEIGHT AND EASY TO ASSEMBLE ► Durable, lightweight aluminum barrier frame is quick and easy to assemble.


Transparent Plastic Shield Face Cover with adjustable elastic band