Safety Face Shield Full Protection Wide face Visors Guard Lightweight Transparent Film with Elastic Band, Easy to Clean Windproof Dustproof Anti-Splash Facial Cover Adjustable for Men & Women 5-PACK

Only £14.99

👨【LIGHTWEGHT & ADJUSTABLE VISOR】 Meorex face shield is made from extremely lightweight, waterproof, and recyclable material which contain adjustable elastic headband with soft sponge, gives comfort to your skin, you can adjust strap and tighten it according to your face and head, one size fits men, women and even kids, visor protect you from microscopic dangers that may cause serious harms to your health if you are exposed.
👨【FULL FACE COVERAGE】 Protective visor is designed to make sure that it covers your face well, shield provide safety to your eyes, nose, mouth and overall face by providing 180 degrees of full face protection, Face screen protector ensuring complete safety from getting exposed to other persons’ droplets, saliva, sneezes, cough and other foreign particles.
👨【REUSABLE & EASY TO CLEAN】 Plastic visor Face shield is made from premium quality material which is scratch resistant and reusable, you can simply wash your shield with soap and water and dry it with wipes or you can clean it with disinfectant which is most effective and safe way to clean your shield.
👨【ANTI-FOGGING ULTRA CLEAR】 Our transparent face guard is made of super clear and transparent material that allows maximum light to enter and to make sure that is no hindrance in your visibility, anti-fogging material resist fog when shield is used over an extended period of time.
👨【SUITBALE FOR WORKPLACES】 Safety Face shield can be used in industries, most workplaces as you can wear the full face shield while going out for groceries, also in congested bus terminals, parks, beauty salons, as well as during cleaning, Visor face shields are used by health professionals such as doctors, nurses to protect them from patient’s fluids such as saliva, nose droplets etc.


Anti-Fog and Anti Splash