Lascal Bannister Installation Kit, KiddyGuard Avant/Accent/Assure Safety Gate Bracket, Gate Brackets for Round or Angular Banisters up to 50 mm Diameter, Set of 3 Mounting Brackets, White

Only £36.96

Practical Attachment – The set of 3 baby gate attachments connects the Gate Housing of the Lascal KiddyGuard models Avant, Accent and Assure to pole brackets
Adjustable Inserts – The versatile gate hardware is compatible with both round posts with a 50 mm diameter and angular posts of 50 mm x 50 mm.
Secure Hold – Thanks to the 3 gate fittings, the locking strip of the safety gate will stay securely attached to banister posts of many sizes.
Secure Stairs – Flexibly and expertly make stairs of many kinds safe for children. The Lascal upright clamps allow this, even when a wall is not available.
Easy Installation – When drilling is not an option and steps need to be secured, attaching pole brackets is the right way to child-proof stairs.


Lascal Bannister Installation Kit