5 Pcs 3D Mask Bracket for Comfortable Breathing Reusable Washable Mask Inner Support Frame,Translucent Cool Bracket Sport for Protect Lipstick Shield Holder for Mouth and Nose Supporting(White)

Only £5.99

💸You will get: 5 3D mask support. This product cleverly and effectively protects your make-up, especially after lipstick. Your lipstick won’t be on the mask.
💸Suitable for all kinds of masks.
💸Create breathing space: three dimensional support can isolate the mouth and nose, form breathing space, make breathing more smooth, and isolate the mouth and nose to avoid potential safety hazards caused by contact.
💸High quality material: made of food grade silica gel, durable. It can be used repeatedly to increase the use times of mask, mainly used to solve the problem of mask deficiency.
💸Easy to use: suitable for most men, women and children. For the mask bracket, there are two clips on both sides, which can be hung on the mask to prevent slipping. Then put on the mask as usual. The package contains 5 mask holders.


10 PCS Mouth Shield