Z-LIFE Transparent Blocc Glasses Safety Face Shield Protective Full Face Shield Goggle Kitchen Cooking Anti-Oil Splash Clear Face Cover (Size : M)

Only £16.99

1.The face shield is super transparent, lightweight, safe and comfortable, the full face protective shield provides more all-round coverage.
2.Shielding Face Cover with Shield Comfortable Full Protection Face Compatible with Glasses Anti-Droplet, Anti-Pollution, and Windproof Transparent Safety Face Cover with Shield.
3.Foldable: This protective face cover cap can be folded when you don’t need it, it doesn’t take up space and is easy to carry.
4.Made from transparent PET (Polyethylene terephthalate) with Double-Sided Anti Fog, Reusable.
5.Generally, Use protection when traveling through congested airport bus terminals malls parks and busy city roads.


Anti-Fog and Anti Splash