3D Face Inner Bracket with Adjustable Lanyard Nylon Buckle, Silicone Face Inner Support Holder Frame for Lipstick Protector Mouth Nose Comfortable Breathing(10 Pcs)

Only £10.99

Space for Breathing: 3D Inner Bracket keeps fabric off the mouth to create more breathing space for comfortable breathing, The Inner Support Frame reduces the friction frequency to protect the lining from getting stained.
Ideal Saver: Under Frame Lipstick Protector makes it not to stick lipstick, protecting your perfect makeup from being messed up.If you wear glasses, 3D Inner Bracket can also prevent the lens from fogging because of more breathing space.
Relieving Ear Pain: Wearing face shield for a long time can easily hurt ears. With our Nylon Buckle, you will no longer worry about hurting your ears its soft and comfortable wearing.
Adjustable Ear Hook: 4 Gears adjustable decompression ear hook for veil, It can solve the problem of wearing a face shield too tightly for large faces, and it can also solve thin faces and children wearing too loose masks and easily fall off.
Suggestion: Please clean and disinfect before use, using double sided tape or thread to fasten the Under Frame Lipstick Protector can make it work better, which will prevent the Under Frame Lipstick Protector from moving.


10 PCS Mouth Shield