PANGHU 100pcs Reacute usable 7.5cm 10PCS Visiegrave re Transparent Comfortable agrave

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COMFORTABLE TO CARRY: comfortable and fit, designed according to the contour of the adult’s face. When not in use, it can be hung around the neck for easy carrying.With an adjustable elastic strap, you could easily resize. The items can be used repeatedly for a long time. It can be cleaned with water, napkins or wet paper.
SUITABILITY sanitization: Transparent anti-fog protective cover, very practical product, can be used for various sanitary tasks. Make sure that you are safe from droplets, liquids, dust, and saliva with the plastic mouth_visor. It can effectively block saliva and dust and prevent saliva from splashing on other people or objects
IMAGE DISPLAY: Standing smiling, looking and transparent, perfectly showing the overall image, courtesy and respect for customer service staff
COMFORTABLE AND SAFE: It is made of high quality food grade plastic. Compared with traditional face protection products, it is easier to wear and more comfortable to wear. The design around the face shield makes breathing smoother and unhindered.
Application: This transparent product is suitable for restaurants, hotels, restaurants, supermarkets, beauty salons, tattoo artists, kitchens and many other occasions to prevent saliva splashing


Transparent Plastic Shield Face Cover with adjustable elastic band