Mirror, Wall-mounted Bathroom Backlit Mirror, Large Frameless LED Illuminated Vanity Mirror, Anti-fog For bathroom and bedroom

Only £680.99

? High-definition copper-free silver mirror, rectangular frameless, horizontal suspension installation, elegant and stylish appearance, compatible with any style of home decoration
? No touch Style – turn on the power, LED light is always on, the anti-fog function is automatically turned on; touch Style – one-button switch, lighting + anti-fog
? Safe and explosion-proof mirror material, when accidental breakage, lens debris will not splash, giving you and your family maximum protection
? 12V safety and energy saving lamp belt, LED high-brightness lighting, makeup, dressing, shaving is clearer and more convenient
? Quality protection: If the item is damaged or defective, and you encounter any problems during use, please contact us in time, we will solve any doubt within 24 hours


Anti-Fog and Anti Splash